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my name is Urszula Gamarra

I am a Waldorf teacher and craft maker on a journey of wonders.

When I am not with children, I tell stories, make crafts or I am fermenting veggies and digging in my garden!

Originally from Poland, I married into a Spanish family and am currently living in Dublin, Ireland. Before I began my journey with Waldorf education, I have has worked in several art museums in Poland and Ireland. Then everything changed in 2017 when I finally found a place where I was always supposed to be…

Every day I am learning how to slow down, connect with nature and people around me.

I am passionate about plants: growing, eating, fermenting. And I have deep love for nature, wandering and natural materials.

In my creations I use real wool, I hand dye felt with plant dyes, I reuse wood and hand made everything I can.

The Hidden Bloom came to life so I can bring happiness sharing my passion with others!

Hope you’ll find something for yourself here.


Go to my Etsy Shop -> The Hidden Bloom